Food Service Misc.

If there is something you don't see, feel free to call us for an updated product list.

Wine Crafe images/foodservices/IMG_7688.jpg


Large Metal Coat Hanger images/foodservices/IMG_7973.jpg


Trash Can (33gallon)


Large Plastic Bowl images/foodservices/IMG_7960.jpg


42oz Coffee Server images/foodservices/IMG_7677.jpg


Punch Glasses images/foodservices/IMG_7681.jpg


Cake Server images/foodservices/cake_server.jpg

Glass Punch Bowl With Ladel images/foodservices/IMG_7961.jpg


Water Pitcher images/foodservices/IMG_7672.jpg

plastic - $1.25

Silver - $8.00

Salt and Pepper Shakers images/foodservices/IMG_7683.jpg


Stainless Steel Waitress Tray Stand images/foodservices/IMG_7954.jpg


Waitress Serving Tray images/foodservices/IMG_7693.JPG


Serving Spoon 8" images/foodservices/serving_spoon.jpg


Coat Rack 6' Portable images/foodservices/IMG_7956.jpg


Serving Utensils images/foodservices/serving_utensils.jpg

Serving Utensils (Large) images/foodservices/serving_utensils2.jpg

Glass Jar 2gal images/foodservices/glass_jar_2gal.jpg

Glass Punch Bowl 2gal images/foodservices/glass_punchbowl_2gal.jpg